Ancestry Research Undertaken

I usually undertake research following one surname back through time but have carried out research on a variety of projects for my clients.

I will use various online sources: to track your family through the 1841-1911 census returns and 1939 register; search birth, marriage and death registrations and; to trace parish records. All of this information and any other records traced, such as newspaper reports, criminal records and probate information will be noted in the research report provided. 

From 1837 births, marriages and deaths, in England & Wales, had to be registered within a national system. I will purchase the available certificates for your direct ancestors to verify the research (up to a maximum number of certificates per package). Prior to 1837 the records will be from parish sources and no formal certificates are available. Some baptism records can provide extra family details.

What I need from you

The starting point for the research should ideally be someone born in early 1900’s or earlier, unless you have sufficient information to start the research. I will need the full name and approximate birth year as well as where they were born (if known). Any additional information about this person would be helpful, such as the names of the parents or copies of any certificates you may have. Before I start the full research I will check that I can find the basic information for this person.

Please note that projects can take many weeks to complete and I will keep you informed of progress on a regular basis. To cover the cost of purchasing the certificates I will require a deposit.

UK postage is included.

One Surname Research

Most of the projects I carry out for my clients are the One Surname Research package.

I will research your family following one surname as far back as possible, normally to late 1700’s/early 1800’s. I will purchase up to 12 certificates for your direct ancestors which will usually be the male ancestor. These will usually be birth, marriage and death certificates where available.

The diagram below illustrates a typical family tree from my ‘surname research’ with certificates being purchased for those people in bold text. These people are the direct ancestors for the relevant surname. The marriage certificate will include basic details for the spouse and her father.

The research report

My research report will include details of the siblings of the ‘direct’ ancestors from census returns and relevant birth index and/or baptism records. I will also include any family information you provide.

Sources of information will be shown for all research undertaken.

You will receive a presentation folder containing:

  • A summary of your family history
  • An ancestor narrative detailing your ancestors and their siblings generation by generation
  • Original purchased certificates with separate transcriptions
  • Transcriptions of census returns & the 1939 register
  • Transcriptions of parish records
  • Transcriptions of any information found in newspapers, probate records and criminal registers
  • A family tree showing direct ancestors (illustrated in surname package diagram shown above)
  • A family tree including siblings and spouse (illustrated in the Turner Family Tree shown below)


The total cost of this package is £440 which includes UK postage. I intend to purchase the birth, marriage and death certificate for each direct ancestor, where available, and a deposit of £120 is required to cover this cost


I will require the deposit when your order is confirmed and research agreed upon. This will enable me to purchase the certificates.

Payments may be made by cheque (UK clients only) or bank transfer/faster payments. Bank transfer details and postal address will be on the invoice.

If you are interested in my help then please contact me on 0191 228 0272 or email or you can use the contact sheet on my contact page.

Other Projects

If required I can undertake research on Two Family Surnames at the same time. The price for this is usually twice the price for the One Surname Research. Please contact me for a quotation.

If you need my help for a specific piece of research, such as helping you with a ‘brick wall‘ in your own research, or finding that elusive ancestor then please feel free to contact me to discuss the options.