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Do you want to reveal your hidden family?

Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were; where they were born; what they did for a living; how many children they had; did they stay in one place or travel around the country?

Many of us have family stories passed down over the generations but the details often get distorted over time. I usually find there is some truth to them and have traced the origins of many of my own family tales. I could help you find yours.

Perhaps you want a unique gift of a family history or family tree prepared for that special birthday or anniversary? Gift vouchers are also available to allow the recipient to choose the family surname to be researched.

Genealogy Research Undertaken on your behalf

Tracing your ancestors back through the generations can be exciting, and is certainly addictive, but it can also be very time consuming and expensive. You may not be sure where to start or how to find relevant records. So why not let me do it for you?

I use the internet to start the research and verify this by obtaining the relevant certificates. Purchasing birth and marriage certificates helps extend the research by providing extra information on the family. Whilst death certificates do not usually further the research they can provide useful information and obviously confirm that the death record is correct. The cost of the certificates is included in the research.

Where records are local to Newcastle I can verify and expand on the information found where necessary.

I can start your research from someone born in the early 1900’s and take your family back to early 1800’s or late 1700’s. This will usually cover 4 or 5 generations. Census records will be used to include information on the siblings of your direct ancestors and to provide details of where they lived and how they made a living.

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